Firefighting runs in the family!

Joe Alecca Sr. and Joe Alecca Jr.- Father and Son

Ed Boyle and Lukas Boyle- Father and Son

Fred Heppner and Shawn Heppner- Father and Son

Jeff Heppner and Hunter Heppner- Father and Son

John Kelly and Justin Kelly- Father and Son

Ed Molinaro and Matt/Eric Molinaro- Father and Sons

Bill Williams and Billy Williams- Father and Son

Chad Winne and Ryan Schleede- Father and Son

Jim Bracco and Cameron Ott- Grandfather and Grandson

Will Gray and Nate Gray- Brothers

Brad King and Jordan King- Brothers

John Lukaszewski and Jerry Lukaszewski- Brothers

Rich Quigley Jr. and Tim Quigley- Brothers

Sam Appa and Steve McCardle- Brother-in-Laws

Joe Alecca Jr. and Nate Gray- Brother-in-Laws

Shawn Heppner and Kareem Washington- Brother-in-Laws

Joe Killian and Sean Bailey- Cousins

Shawn Heppner and Jeff Heppner- Cousins

Brad King/Jordan King and Rich/Tim Quigley- Cousins